STORM OF CRIMSON is approximately 225 pages long; it is the first book in an intended paranormal young adult series. The reading comprehension level is about grade seven through twelve.

Written for my grandchildren, ages 11-18, "Storm of Crimson" contains no inappropriate language, profanity, or sexual situations; I use my maiden name of Jo Lewis for books written for youth, and my regular name (Jo Robertson) for my mature audiences.

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(The Last Warriors Series)

During winter break something malevolent stirs beneath the dead grass of Granite Hills High School's Quad.
Having no idea what awaits them, super-athlete Sydney Banks and her life-long friend Jinx Scribner join a literature study group, meeting at the empty school during winter break.

In one session their teacher mentions an obscure alternate mythology which suggests that every seventy years the Veil between the known and unknown worlds lifts, creating a rift in the earth’s structure. Through this opening, evil forces invade the earth. At the same, time seven teenagers come of age, receiving a charge to battle whatever Calamity is freed. Each teen-warrior develops a special power and displays a distinctive mark.
Sydney relegates the myth to foolishness, but Jinx realizes an unusual ability he’s kept hidden might mean more than he imagined. Meantime, during basketball practice a bizarre accident gives Sydney similar awareness of a unique, but her frightening gift.

Against this tumultuous and confusing backdrop, Paynton Merrick enrolls in school right before the winter recess. Both Jinx and Sydney are drawn to him, intrigued by the darkness surrounding him. Assigned a group project, the three students are forced to spend time together outside of class.

When the slumbering entity awakens and makes itself known, creating havoc on the campus quad, Merrick understands his purpose as the catalyst in an epic battle. His total lack of fingerprints, a strangeness which has isolated him all his life, now makes sense.

Eventually the trio concludes they are the latter-day Malbennes, teen-warriors destined to stand between the world and the current Calamity. As the Veil lifts, a confrontation with unspeakable malignancy nearly destroys Jinx, while Sydney and Merrick reluctantly join forces in a race to defeat the source of a world-wide pandemic poised to destroy the world.



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